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A year in music 2012

My albums of the year:

  1. Goat’s World Music (spotify). Daft costumes and songs with Goat in the title. I don’t think they intend themselves to be taken seriously, but it’s hard not to. Think acid soaked math rock; proper WTF, proper awesome
  2. Peter Broderick’s These Walls of Mine (spotify). Apparently this is a collection of “experimentations” but it sounds pretty darn complete to me… Glitchy, sparse, laid back and laid bare; I just love this album
  3. Golden Void’s Golden Void (grooveshark). Almost a Black Sabbath tribute album, but original enough to be much more than that. Gloriously heavy heavy psych
  4. Breton’s Other People’s Problems (spotify). I couldn’t stop listening to this for months. Like a South London LCD Soundsystem or Alt-J’s ASBO-toting cousin. Disaffected and dark, but pop music all the same
  5. Heavy Electrics (spotify). I might be on my own with this one. Driving, pulsing, krautrock designed to be played far too loud in seedy basement bars in Bladerunner’s Los Angeles.

Yet again I stumbled across a bunch of albums from previous years that I’d managed to miss, so special mention has to go to Citay, Yellow Moon Band and Tweak Bird (you might sense a theme among them…)

Like the last couple of years I’ve also done a month by month breakdown of what I listened to the most (as compared to what I liked the most). In a “measured life” kind of way I also started creating spotify playlists of every album that I enjoyed in each month. These are intended for my own (imagined) enjoyment in my (imagined) dotage, but they’re linked to too, in case you’re interested:

For those who wish to run the same analysis of their own habits you can download the script from my github. As long as you have python installed it will work like so:

python username year


python offmessage 2012