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Love me ’til my heart stops

I love youtube; particularly as a music discovery service.  I don’t think I’ve talked about this enough here so here’s the first in (hopefully) a more concerted effort to post music videos to this blog.

This is the track I was looking for when I first discovered exactly how good youtube is for music.  It wasn’t there at the time, it was the other things I found that made me realise. Thankfully someone has posted it since and for your delectation here is one of the highlights of Talking Heads career done by David Byrne plus small orchestra on Later a few years ago. This must be the place (naïve melody).


Surely I don’t need to say much about Julian Cope..? Jehovahkill was essentially the follow up to Peggy Suicide, and between them those two albums really define Cope in the 90s – right at the end of his major label career. Sublime pop, bombastic space rock and Cope at his Archdrude best. To be honest this is an album that needs to be listened to as an album, so any track I post may not click in the way it should…. Nevertheless – Fear Loves This Place was the single, and is a perfect introduction. Seek out this album on ebay – it’s well the £10/£15 you’ll pay for a copy….