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Whoooosh!Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the Slegoon. Desperately cool looking sledge that’s actually a whole host safer than that thing your dad knocked up out of an old drawer and some curtain track one snowy Saturday in the mid-seventies.


Doug and I have been muttering for some time about Amazon’s new approach. It seems to make a lot of sense that “user’s search on price, we’re never going to be the cheapest, so let’s take a cut of everything and host other shops”. But, what it does do is dramatically reduce the quality of your service. Recently I’ve found it impossible to filter out the third party crap that’s filling up Amazon’s ‘shelves’, and have a had a number of unpleasant (and unfulfilled) shopping experiences.

Welcome, then, iSearchBetter (unfortunately only American at the moment) that does exactly what I want (a bit like GMBMG), in that is searches Amazon and filters out the crap. Nice. We need a UK one.

Woz on Woz

Oh dear lord. Someone asks mefi “what is it with Woz?” and Woz replies. There is no escaping the fact that we owe the very lovely man a enormous debt. We named a room after him at my last company. If everyone did he’d still deserve more.