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Big Train

For reasons best left undisclosed Isotoma rapidly descended into swapping Big Train sketches this afternoon.  Ladies and Gentlemen – Isotoma’s top 9:


Er… Couldn’t find a winner?

Channel 5 has been slapped a huge fine and had to cancel two shows on the back of yet more premium rate phone in skullduggery.  No real surprise there, to be honest.  What is surprising is the following quote:

Daytime shows Brainteaser and its spin-off Memory Bank had faked winners on a number of occasions, Ofcom’s investigation found. When viewers with the correct answers could not be found to go live on air, production crew members pretended to win, it found.

I don’t know if you’ve ever watched Brainteaser (working from home for a year had its “benefits”), but the idea that not one person had rung in with the correct answer is horrifying.