Amazon free Christmas

It will come as no surprise that, whilst truly disliking Amazon, I continue to purchase more and more from them. From all my CDs and books through to shoelaces, toasters, kettles, headphones, humane mouse traps, flea spray, you name it…

Following on from seeing Brad Jones’ keynote at FUTUReBOOK last week, from recent BBC documentaries (“Robert Peston Goes Shopping” and “Amazon: The Truth Behind The Click“), and from the very public way they mess with the UK tax system and our high streets I thought that this Christmas I really would do what I’ve been saying for years and actually try and have an Amazon-free Christmas.

I’m going to record my experiences and publish them here in the New Year.  So far, two purchases in, I’ve ended up paying a premium of £1.94 and have made both purchases from having tried independent online retailers first for both but failed in some way both times.