A year in music

Following on from last year I’ve been running the numbers on this year’s listening habits. This year has been directly affected by my signing up to spotify; lots more back catalogue stuff and less obvious front runners each month. That said, each month was still easily typified by something… I’ve also put together a spotify playlist of how 2011 sounded for me for the masochists among you (one track from each album in chronological order)

  • January: The Decemberists; still going from last year, plus New! Album!
  • February: …still going with The Decemberists (need inspiration)
  • March: Other Beach Boys had solo careers? Really? Dennis Wilson!
  • April: In which I discovered my new favourite band, and the album I played most all year – Wolf People’s Steeple
  • May: Drone rock! Oh yes! Moon Duo!
  • June: New Fleet Foxes! Turned out to be shit, but it took a few plays to realise
  • July: New Bon Iver!
  • August: Neil Young! (caused entirely by this awesome Neil Young playlist)
  • September: Drone rock! Oh yes! Wooden Shjips!
  • October: New Wilco!
  • November: Deerhunter side project you say? Why yes, I’d like some of that. Atlas Sound

And my albums of the year?

  1. Mazes
  2. West
  3. Tomboy
  4. Unknown Mortal Orchestra
  5. Circuital

Special mention has to go to Wolf People’s Steeple; by far and away my most played record this year (despite it being released in 2010).

For those who wish to run the same analysis of their own habits you can download the script from my github. As long as you have python installed it will work like so:

python fetcher.py username year


python fetcher.py offmessage 2011