Second screen advertising

The “rise of the second screen” should, in many ways, be a godsend for TV advertisers.

Until recently putting URL, Facebook or Search calls to action at the end of a 30 second spot in the middle of Coronation Street was always a leap of faith when, for most viewers, the computer was turned off in the next room.

Nowadays however, when according to some reports up to 75% of us are using other media while watching TV, there’s a real chance that an advert’s call to action is going to get followed.

What’s vital in this new environment is that the agencies producing these campaigns take into account this change in behaviour and the related routes of access.

And by this I mean “Don’t even think of using Flash

If you’ve persuaded someone to search for your term and click the link you’d better make sure they get more than “you are trying to access this site from a non-Flash enabled device”.  Particularly when your site is at best a poor implementation of the Github 404 page.