We won’t be forgetting Aviva here in a hurry

Aviva (formerly Norwich Union, formerly General Accident) is axing another 1,100 jobs, of which 570 are in York.  York’s already borne the brunt of NU’s consolidation in 2 previous rounds of heavy job losses.

With the loss of Terry’s chocolate, the huge reduction in Nestlé’s operations, the closure of the British Sugar plant (now we have no chocolate), the migration of huge chunks of the railway and Aviva’s previous consolidation we’ve lost thousands of jobs in the last few years.

In a city of only 100,000 that’s an awful lot of jobs to go. Losing another 570 today is a very heavy blow.

One thought on “We won’t be forgetting Aviva here in a hurry”

  1. That absolutely sucks. Some my most boring but reliable office jobs were at General Accident, funding the purchase of samplers and keyboards and petrol for the clapped out old Maestro van that John Probe and I used to drive the gear around in. I’d better get Solveig to check whether Linda is safe too. Bah.

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