Excuse my French, but what on earth is going on with this Brand/Ross (Bross?) story?

It was pre-recorded.  Thats “Pre”… “Recorded”… Both of them are famous for their tendency to improvise to a ludicrous and often offensive conclusion; leaving them on their own together in a radio studio late at night was bound to generate a whole host of unbroadcastable material.  Surely that’s why it wasn’t live in the first place?

What a bunch of arse.

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  1. One little known fact is that they played the tapes to Andrew Sachs before broadcast, who said he was unimpressed but they gave him a chance to veto their broadcast. For whatever reason, and I can’t seem to find out, that did /not/ happen so they went out on air.

    Of course, this is a massive attack on the BBC from the tabloids, not outraged members of the public deciding that the boundaries of decency and taste have been reached and breached. More at this very interesting blog:

  2. from what I read, the producer rang up Sachs to ask whether it was ok and he didn’t seem to understand why they’d want to air it but reluctantly agreed.

    it was actually the Daily Mail reporter who heard the original broadcast who decided to ring Sachs’ agent and stir it all up once he realised that no other media outlet had picked up on the “story”.

    I’m really irritated that they’ve buckled like this – for the 27,000 who rang in to complain there are surely a vastly greater number who don’t give a damn. Surely our views are as valid? We’re all licence payers too. And I’m really irritated with the rest of the British Media who make this the top story over a potentially genocidal war in Africa and the US elections. For god’s sake – the only people who are as interested in this story as the media are people who work in the media – and frankly, they need no pandering to.

    The BBC has lost its backbone since Hutton and that embarrassingly arse-licking apology that the acting Chair and DG gave to the goverment – the only people they seem to stand up to now are those militant christians who objected to the Jerry Springer opera 🙁

  3. @fourstar – hmmm – I appear to have disabled subscribing to comments feature in my template. Sorry about that. Not, of course, that you’ll see my apology, as you can’t subscribe to the comments. Damn.

  4. Acc Sachs on the Today programme, he was rung on his mobile while out in the street and heard virtually nothing on his phone, and remembers only agreeing that he’d come in another time to record an interview. Or something. That’s what my reporter’s contemporaneous notes will say. Once I write them up just before the disciplinary hearing. If I can be arsed to get back from hols. ‘Cos it takes the DG personally to remind wool-for-brains producers who think that processes and guidelines are for nonces that they’re supposed to listen and think before pressing ‘play’?

    Or maybe it’s ‘cos the whole of News hates Mr Woss because he taunted them that his salary was worth a thousand news hacks? (Clearly not a thousand Today anchors). Or maybe it’s cos the BBC’s a big target that looks and smells weak due to a lack of vision, passion and setting the agenda? It’s like a case of the biggest kid at school still somehow getting bullied.

    Woss-Brand were silly (as they’re paid to be) and went a bit far. That’s what tape is for (as fourstar says). Had they been spanked and the producer demoted to writing labels in the Natural History Archive for a year then that’d have been that. The loss of a good channel controller, more heads to come, and looking like wibbling pansies can only be laid at the feet of the management.

    You’d think that the BBC had no media handling experience at all, eh?

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