One thought on “It’s where amazing happens”

  1. On our flight from Toronto to Vancouver last week the guy sitting across the aisle in the same row as us proposed to the woman next to him. By having the captain make an announcement. When the captain started by saying “I’ve never had to say anything like this before …” I was getting ready to kiss my ass goodbye.

    I always found proposals like these the ultimate in emotional coercion, and the worst possible basis for a relationship, unless the couple are both exhibitionists who agreed the outcome beforehand. And I can’t think of any situation less romantic than an economy-class domestic flight (I don’t feel particularly happy in aeroplanes at the best of times.)

    Anyway, the woman accepted, other passengers dutifully applauded for about 5 seconds, and the couple proceeded to drink themselves silly for the rest of the flight. Maybe they got into an argument the moment they disembarked.

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