What is wrong with this picture?

This BBC news story “illustrates why UK families are under pressure” (apparently). That image is the first piece in a bunch of infographics ably demonstrating their point.  What confuses me is this…

How many families pay for their food and petrol with capital from their houses?

That graphic, like so much reporting around this topic from the BBC, is a) meaningless and b) designed to scare. Tossers.

2 thoughts on “What is wrong with this picture?”

  1. I can’t see anywhere in the article that claims that the first graph illustrates the problems facing UK families, its merely a snapshot of the main things that are concerning your average person atm. The graphs in the rest of the story show the problem in more detail.

    I think that if you read an article determined to find fault with it, you will find fault with it….

  2. I was simply commenting that unless you are forced to move while in negative equity the value of your primary residence is meaningless (and has no effect whatsoever on anything other than the headlines).

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