Cricket, Australians and surprise selections

So.  I’ve not written much about cricket for a while.  Not that I’ve lost interest, more that I’ve not had the time or the inclination to talk about a fairly dismal run of English form. Not a fair weather fan, I’d like to point out, but definitely a fair weather blogger.  There’s not much I can add to the comment in the papers, so why bother?

On the current topic, however, I do have something to say.  Who selected Pattinson?  Why?  And if we are to have another surprise selection let’s make it Graham Napier, please.  He’s a fine bowler and his form this season for Essex with both bat and ball makes him deserving of a chance.  Definitely more so than an Aussie that hardly took wickets for Victoria, let alone Notts.

I’m at Edgbaston for day 2 (a week today).  Here’s hoping for a more convincing performance.