Anger, real steaming anger can make a man verbose

I like Giles Coren.  This rant at the Times sub editors who removed a single ‘a’ from one of his pieces only makes me like him more. A brief snippet to whet your appetite…

I only wrote that sodding paragraph to make that joke. And you’ve fucking stripped it out like a pissed Irish plasterer restoring a renaissance fresco and thinking jesus looks shit with a bear so plastering over it.

2 thoughts on “Anger, real steaming anger can make a man verbose”

  1. Yes, I can’t believe that Popbitch have taken against him – he is absolutely correct to be utterly furious with the sub. Pillocks…

  2. Apparently this should make me think he’s not very nice. I am alone against a rising tide of Coren haters. Pah. Nothing like a good swear to get stuff off your chest. I stand by his right to vent.

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