There’s only been 4 programs worth watching on TV this last “season”:

  • My Name Is Earl – they managed to find a premise that kept the humour going into a third series
  • Pushing Daisies – Americans try and make a series in the style of Jeunet and pretty much pull it off
  • Big Bang Theory – the geeks really shall inherit the earth
  • Dexter – utterly unexpected and really well made

Did I miss anything? Interesting (to me at least) that the two C4 programs are both half hour shows shown after 10pm, while Pushing Daisies and Dexter are both on ITV. Only 6 months or so ago everything I watched was prime time C4 or BBC2.  Either my taste has changed or there’s a real mixup happening at the moment.

As an aside, turns out Chuck Lorre (the man behind Big Bang Theory as well as Two and Half Men, Dharma and Greg, Cybill and Grace Under Fire) is a bit of a philosopher… Read all his vanity cards on his web site.

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  1. I tried. Claire got into it, but the twunty nature of most of the contestants left me rather cold. And from the little I saw that guy who won really was a twunt. Beret girl was interesting for a while…

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