More on the Heron

OK – next niggle with my new Hardy Heron installation. Clicking links in emails in Thunderbird doesn’t do anything. Nothing. For the last week I’ve been pasting links from emails into Firefox. This is no fun. Some googling around didn’t really help (the suggestions here, for example, didn’t work for me). What did work for me was the following (ymmv, obviously)…

In Thunderbird go to Edit -> Preferences. Open the Advanced tab and then the General tab. Then click the Config editor button. Find the line called network.protocol-handler.expose-all and change it to True. Voilà (at least for me).

Update: OK.  I lied.  This didn’t work for me at all.  In fact what it did for me was cause Firefox to open with a downloaded version of the file.  I’m stumped.  And annoyed.

One thought on “More on the Heron”

  1. Coo, haven’t come across that yet. However, it currently fails to recognise the wireless card in my laptop; apparently some Atheros gubbins which doesn’t play nice. And looks like is down at the moment. Gah.

    Having checked here the only entry for an Asus X51RL is Debian Etch. Sigh. More tinkering required. Actually, I like tinkering – what am I talking about!

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