Hardy Heron and Lenovo x60s

Edgy Eft took me nearly a fortnight of painful evenings to get it installed on my x60s. Feisty Fawn took a couple of evenings.  Hardy Heron took all of 2 hours to get completely installed and configured.  That, ladies and gentleman, is progress… (well, that and a removable drive…)

Only problem so far? In Dolphin (the replacement for Konqueror) when you mouse over any XML or HTML file you get a nasty popup telling you that Amarok is incorrectly configured:

The desktop entry file
has an invalid menu entry

As always Google is your friend – a fix for the annoying Amarok addAsPodcast error popup in Dolphin in Hardy Heron.

One thought on “Hardy Heron and Lenovo x60s”

  1. Excellent – I’m about to whack 8.04 on my new Asus; will report back! Going to have to be dual boot with Windoze though; my work need me to Citrix in sometimes and whilst I’m sure there is a non M$ solution, Doug recently said it was, quote “Weird.” 🙂

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