So.  Claire (who no longer wishes to be known as “Mrs Offmessage”, btw) has taken to watching BBC programmes on iPlayer while I’m taking over the front room and only TV with some random rubbish that she’s not interested in.

At the same time the kids have taken to watching CBeebies on iPlayer on the eee.  It’s become a treat, and for parents it’s easier to control because the programme stops and (until they’ve mastered the trackpad, at least) they need me or Claire to start another programme.

It’s a raging success.  Our house loves it, and more and more people I talk to love it too.

A thought that is just trickling into my consciousness is this…  You may need to be in the UK to access it, but you don’t have to have a TV Licence.  Interesting how this plays out.  There sure ain’t going to be a “Computer Licence”, anyway.

One thought on “iPlayer”

  1. Indeed, huge fans here too (currently Big Barn Farm on the ‘little’ Eee, The Apprentice on the ‘big’ laptop and Channel 4 News on the ‘old’ telly)

    We’re going to need more computers.

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