So.  Claire (who no longer wishes to be known as “Mrs Offmessage”, btw) has taken to watching BBC programmes on iPlayer while I’m taking over the front room and only TV with some random rubbish that she’s not interested in.

At the same time the kids have taken to watching CBeebies on iPlayer on the eee.  It’s become a treat, and for parents it’s easier to control because the programme stops and (until they’ve mastered the trackpad, at least) they need me or Claire to start another programme.

It’s a raging success.  Our house loves it, and more and more people I talk to love it too.

A thought that is just trickling into my consciousness is this…  You may need to be in the UK to access it, but you don’t have to have a TV Licence.  Interesting how this plays out.  There sure ain’t going to be a “Computer Licence”, anyway.

Sautéed Glut of Radishes

Here it is then. I had to try something with them all

Sautéed Glut of Radishes

So. You got overenthusiastic when you sowed the first radish seed of the spring and now you’ve got a glut. What do you do with them apart from slice them into salads? There are very few recipes for cooking radishes, but Francois pointed me at the Pimp my Radish thread at Ask Metafilter, where I found this one. I particularly like the use of both the radish and the tops. Radish tops taste a whole lot like spinach, by the way. This makes a light summer lunch or an interesting side (use where you usually might use a spinach dish)

Preparation time
Cooking time

  • 2 bunches radishes (12 large to 20 small per bunch); they have to have their tops still intact
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • Sea salt

Top and tail the radishes and cut them into large chunks. Remove the stalks from the radish tops and wash the resulting leaves in a salad spinner (or similar). Peel and finely chop the garlic.

Get the olive oil good and hot in a wide frying pan. Put in the chopped garlic and fry lightly for a moment or two, before throwing in the chopped radishes. Stir fry for a couple of minutes before putting in the leaves.

Keep stirring until the leaves have cooked down and then serve, sprinkled with the sea salt.



radish.jpgWhat on earth do you do with 200 radishes? I now realise that although radishes and lettuces make perfect catch crops planting them willy nilly while waiting for other crops to come up is going to leave you with a glut. Right now I’ve got about 150 left from my original crop of 200. I’m palmed some off to others, I’ve eaten the rest. Neither Claire nor the kids like them. I’m on my own!

Recipes featuring radishes at:

None of them are exactly inspiring, are they? Here’s to another round of salads!

Oh London, what have you done

I’ve tried to steer clear of this one.  I don’t live in London, so why do I care?

I care because he is the physical manifestation of the angry suburbs.  I care because he is the physical manifestation of a massive rise in voter turnout.

And that means that he is also the physical manifestation of the death of the New Labour project.  We knew Tony didn’t want to hand over power.  Now we know why.

On a lighter note, apparently he’s also the physical manifestation of the storm botnet.