There’s a lesson in this somewhere.  I’ve been a heavy NetVibes user for a long time now.  It came on the scene at just about the time that I started to rediscover the joys of RSS and so for me I’ve never really known another online RSS reader.  I’ve invested a lot in the application, not only in adding and organising feeds but also in learning to accept its shortcomings.  It was never perfect, but I’d come to love it anyway.

As you can imagine I was pretty excited to get the new version (ginger).  Finally, I thought, they will have addressed all the little niggles and all those smart alecs who use google reader will be silenced.  That’s what I thought.

Sadly what I’ve been given is a service that:

  • Adds even more unused/unusable space to the screen (try using it on an eee now; it was already shocking)
  • Has nasty CSS bugs
  • No longer actually keeps tracks of what I’ve read
  • Randomly forgets to update some feeds for days at a time
  • Keeps chucking errors
  • Has been offline 4 or 5 times in the week or so since I’ve been upgraded
  • Breaks Coriander based bespoke Universes (that sentence may make no sense – if you are a ginger user make sure you are logged in and then visit a site like www.captaintheband.com to see what I mean)

But at least I’ve got yet another public persona to maintain. Now is the time to try Google Reader one more time, methinks.

And the morals of this story?  Stick to what you’re good at.  Listen to what your users really want. “Me too” is not a strategic decision.

2 thoughts on “Underwhelmed”

  1. Google Reader all the way – there are some excellent Stylish styles for it which maximise screen space too (essential for our little Eeeeeeeees). You may be a Greasemonkey monkey, of course, so sorry for all the eggs Grandmother 🙂

  2. For someone who’s supposed to be “with it” online I’m rather ashamed to admit that I’m not a Greasemonkey monkey yet. Yer man Doug has pointed me at a few scripts that looked very useful, but I’ve not got round to installing them yet. I shall investigate, particularly if they’re helpful for the eee

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