Jamie broke my dinner

Oh, bless my poor liberal Guardian reading bleeding heart… Much as I approve of Jamie Oliver’s campaign to improve the lot of our domestic chickens I rather wish it didn’t mean that the supermarkets weren’t permanently sold out of the RSPCA approved chicken that we’ve been buying for the last few years.

Which, I guess, is a lesson in two things – being careful what you wish for and the power of television. Still, it does really gall that we’ve ended up having to buy exactly the chicken we’ve been avoiding for years because of the surge in popularity. Someone somewhere missed a trick – it’s not like Channel 4 haven’t been able to warn producers about the campaigns long in advance and, as Hugh and Jamie have been so eagerly telling us, it only takes 6 weeks to grow a chicken…

I’m not the only one to have noticed, either..

One thought on “Jamie broke my dinner”

  1. I was speaking to a poultry farmer about this at my local farmers market, and they were actually cross at Hugh FW, for not appraising them of the plan a while ago. The problem apparently is that lack of free range chicks. They can’t get enough chicks from authenticated free-range sources. Weirdly they don’t breed their own free range chicks and the suppliers of such can’t step up the operation that quickly to get the new demand – apparently about 1000 fold – for chicks. SO they are in the situation of selling just as many chickens, but in 1/4 of the time – they had sold out by 9.30 at the market that started at 9

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