Bug 338621 – Feed View overrides XSLT stylesheet defined in XML document

Well.  It’s taken me a long time to find something in Firefox that I both genuinely dislike and fundamentally disagree with the reasoning behind the decision.

Turns out that in Firefox 2 you cannot style RSS feeds with XSL direct in the browser.  Because, wait for it, they sniff the content and override your style sheet with their own.

Um.  This is Microsoft-like hubris, isn’t it?  If I take the time and effort to write a stylesheet and put it in my document, then surely I want it styled using that sheet, don’t I?  The comment from the developers are pretty upsetting too:

With more than 99% of the feeds with stylesheets just trying to do what we’re doing, but without the knowledge of what aggregators the user actually uses and without the chrome privileges to subscribe them, not using our transformation on feeds that have a stylesheet would just make for a worse and less consistent experience for our users.

Surely this is up to me to decide, is it not?  And now even more Microsoft-like:

please avoid chiming with your opinions/beliefs/etc (on either side). That’s just adding to the noise. We don’t make feature choices based on who shouts the loudest.

There is a (very ugly) workaround, but dear God, what a strange choice and intransigent attitude.  I’m genuinely surprised.