Albums you should buy

It’s been a while, but I’ve finally got round to buying some new music over the last few weeks. A bit hit and miss, but some of them are definitely worth checking out:

45:33My LCD Soundsystem fanboy status grows and grows. The first album is fantastic. The second album is fantastic. It’s no great surprise to find that I think 45:33 is fantastic too. Roughly equivalent to the second disk of the first album this is a harder and edgier version of Sound of Silver. Really very good indeed.

Fabric36Oh look. It’s another LCD Soundsystem related item. FabricLive36: James Murphy and Pat Mahoney. Twisted disco at it’s finest. Right up my street. And back down the other side. On a BMX. On the pavement. Doing endos.¬† You get the picture.

Panda Bear: Person PitchUtterly different, this one, but equally awesome. People Pitch by Panda Bear. I love Feels by Animal Collective. This is the album most like it that I’ve heard from the Animal Collective stable. The latest (Strawberry Jam) is a bit too much for me, but People Pitch is fantastic – haunting, layered, driving, weird; impossible to define but, just, well, really, really, um, good.