Albums you should buy

It’s been a while, but I’ve finally got round to buying some new music over the last few weeks. A bit hit and miss, but some of them are definitely worth checking out:

45:33My LCD Soundsystem fanboy status grows and grows. The first album is fantastic. The second album is fantastic. It’s no great surprise to find that I think 45:33 is fantastic too. Roughly equivalent to the second disk of the first album this is a harder and edgier version of Sound of Silver. Really very good indeed.

Fabric36Oh look. It’s another LCD Soundsystem related item. FabricLive36: James Murphy and Pat Mahoney. Twisted disco at it’s finest. Right up my street. And back down the other side. On a BMX. On the pavement. Doing endos.  You get the picture.

Panda Bear: Person PitchUtterly different, this one, but equally awesome. People Pitch by Panda Bear. I love Feels by Animal Collective. This is the album most like it that I’ve heard from the Animal Collective stable. The latest (Strawberry Jam) is a bit too much for me, but People Pitch is fantastic – haunting, layered, driving, weird; impossible to define but, just, well, really, really, um, good.

Apple Tree Clothing

appletree2.jpgAn old friend, Natasha, has gone into business. Apple Tree Clothing is organic environmentally friendly clothes for kids. She’s only been going a few weeks and it seems like it’s going really well.

My interest (other than the lovely clothes, obviously)? I’ve just helped Richard redo the website. Go there, buy things (and be impressed by the HTML, of course. I’ve not even managed that level of perfection on my own site!).