Radiohead let fans pick their own price for the latest album.

For all these “end of the music industry” type commentators (like Bob Lefsetz: This is the industry’s worst nightmare. Superstar band, THE superstar band, forging ahead by its own wits. Proving that others can too. And they will.)… I have one question… Who exactly made them THE superstar band? And who promoted the first 6 albums?

Many acts have made the self same switch already – unsigned, self released, promoted entirely on the web. Cliff Richard. Simply Red. Marillion. Those in the know say Robbie is only an album or so away as well. This is simply getting out at the top of the market. Milking a huge and increasingly static fanbase is not really revolutionary behaviour. Just because we (the blogosphere) are part of that huge and static fanbase does not mean that Radiohead are different, it just means we are getting old. Sorry about that.

(Links from this BoingBoing article)