You know, for kids…

When life imitates Simpsons (i.e. skittlebrau), it’s generally funny. With the Onion, not so much.

(Quoted from this MeFi post).  I saw this on the news last night and couldn’t believe it.  The guys taking the video were genuinely shocked to find Gap on the labels.  After all the interest in this sort of issue you would have thought the original main offenders would have got their houses in order.  Was our collective wading through No Logo for nothing?

Slow cooking

Forkd - feta It’s finally here. Dave, Antony and Tom have been toiling away over a hot stove for the past few weeks and Forkd is finally ready for the tasting. It’s the feta release right now (d’ya see what we did there?) – if you’d like a feta tester account mail me. They’re very limited, but so is the readership of this blog… You’ll need a genuine love of food, a desire to show the world your cooking and the patience to log good bug reports and feature requests. If you’re interested please drop me a line (andy at will do it).

Winning ways

In the last 5 meetings (over the last 3 years) we’ve only beaten South Africa once. It was at Twickenham and it was only just (by 2 points, 23-21). Our total points difference is 116 against in those 5 matches.

We started the tournament 279-1 outsiders. We’re still 3-1 against as compared to the Springboks 2-1 on. But:

We’ve got Johnny