I see a bad moon rising

Doug‘s already mentioned this, but I thought I’d add my twopenn’orth.

I can’t help feeling that we are being rather dismissive of the Storm Worm.

Somewhere in the region of 2 million infected machinesMore computing power than any other grid out there. Responsible for a 30% increase in the total volume of spam in August.  Capable of taking out not only Universities and organisations, but potentially whole countries (Estonia got taken off line by non-automated activity, for example).

It is hard to imagine an organisation collecting two million zombie PCs just to send more spam.  At some point this massive acquisition of resources will stop and the network will be turned to some other use.  And let’s be honest, it’s unlikely to be looking for a cure for cancer, now is it?

It’s at this point I’d like to offer some solution, or point to action already underway, but right now, we’re pretty powerless.  This is likely to get messy.