We’ve made a thing

We’ve launched another customer site today… www.forster.co.uk is the new corporate site for The Forster Company, a really fascinating bunch of people who “deliver communication for social change” (PR with an ethical message to the layman). People who know me in real life will know that that’s exactly the sort of thing that presses my hippy buttons, so I’ve really enjoyed the last few months as we’ve been putting this one together. It’s Plone again (we can’t help it, honest), but the work that our friend Rob has done on the design has made it very hard to tell. All in all a rather good do.

Computer Love

For some time I’ve been collecting songs relating to robot lovers (don’t ask, it started with Hawkind’s Spirit of the Age and went rapidly downhill from there).

This, however, has to be the strangest example yet…

When the bot reveals herself to be human he refuses to accept it; now that’s dedication to the cause of human-cyborg-interaction.