Misled by the animal kingdom

This is going to make little sense, but I have to get it off my chest. You can skip this entry if you want.

For some years I have held the belief that a North American wolf, if separated from its pack, will choose a badger as it’s hunting partner. I can’t quite explain why I have this belief, but somewhere in the depths of my childhood I remember a TV program that ended with these two of nature’s best pals walking off into the sunset together.

This belief has been the source of much hilarity to friends, and despite much searching I cannot find any evidence to support it. Remember when they released the AOL data? “Badgers and Wolves”. That was me. I’ve soldiered on, knowing in my heart of hearts that I’m right, but the lack of evidence was starting to worry me.

Another TV documentary that I saw showed a full grown male Orang Utan standing some 7 feet tall, entirely hairless apart from foreams, calves and head. I was gobsmacked. “Truly these are the most awesome creatures,” I thought. I talked about it in the pub. Again I was derided. Again I knew I was right.

Fuck. I don’t know what to believe any more.