EMI and Warner make their secret kissing public (again)

My first job as a contractor at EMI back when I joined them in 2000 was to meet with the Warners technical team to find out how we could integrate Warners Java based infrastructure with EMI’s Microsoft based kit. Since then EMI have try to hop in to every major label’s bed at some point or another, all to no avail.

Today then, you’ll be massively underwhelmed by the news that EMI has confirmed a takeover bid from Warner Music. EMI are genuinely screwed at the moment. Someone needs to bail them out, and quick. The combination of EMI Music Publishing and the back catalogues of The Beatles, The Stones, Floyd, Genesis, Radiohead, Coldplay, Blur, Gorillaz etc, etc, etc is worth more than the share price. I would have thought it was a private equity man’s dream?