oddness (or goodness)

I’ve just been over to my page to discover that, even though we’ve both played well over 5,000 tracks, my good friend Stef and I are musical neighbours. In fact, given that the other two above him are actually my two Sleevenotez test accounts that are actually playing /my/ record collection, he is the single person most similar to me on the entire of

That, ladies and gentlemen, is weird. Apparently there aren’t many people out there who share our love for a heady combination of Manu Chao, Eels and The Flaming Lips.

That’s life

Hmm… People who know me in First Life will now exactly how underwhelmed I was with Second Life. I was told (and yes, I’m a fool for believing) that it was (and I quote) “like Snowcrash“.

“That,” I thought to myself, “is something I have to get a piece of. I can get a Tron motorcycle. And maybe we could open an office there. With sliding Japanese paper doors. Man that would be cool.”

You can imagine my disgust, then, when I discovered that in fact it’s a jerky, laggy, dull place for the sexually depraved. A bit like the Internet in 1995, I guess. Hey ho. Maybe in 10 years. Anyway – this guy’s account of his first visit sums my feelings up rather nicely:

How do you hit people?