Another very quick music post. You have to get hold of a copy of Manu Chao‘s ridiculous Radio Bemba Sound System. Bonkers, joyful, latin ska punk reggae marijuana fuelled madness. Properly superb!

Edit: I’ve just got this CD home from work (where I ripped it using KAudioCreator with no problems) and tried to play it on my CD player, connected to my amp via an optical digital connection. Turns out the copy protection stops it playing correctly – throughout the CD there’s a regular click that only appears on that CD player – the lower end stuff in the house plays it fine. This is seriously a step too far. I’ve returned it, and recommend that you buy it from allofmp3.com instead and make some kind of donation direct to the artist via his myspace site to make up for the lost earnings. The irony of the label testing out such invasive copy protection on one of the world’s most anarchic artists surely can’t be lost of them. Cnuts. I’m furious.