FOTN: Visionary heads

The lovely Mark recently lent me the Fields of the Nephilim DVD with all 3 of the original VHS tapes on one Disc – Revelations, Forever Remain and Visionary Heads. I was at the Cheltenham Town Hall gig on the tour that created both Earth Inferno and Visionary Heads. It changed my life. Properly. And forever. That one gig made me wear filthy black jeans and all sorts of other paraphernalia for the next 3 years (including, god bless my youthful soul, a stint in violet contact lenses)

Watching it on DVD 16 years later is more than a little fucking weird, frankly. I remember the gig as this quasi-religious experience of smoke machines, pounding drums and driving guitars that left me unable to speak for hours. I certainly never actually saw the band; backlit plumes of dry ice filled the venue for the whole gig. Seeing them on stage in crisp video footage now makes the whole experience somewhat more real, which I’m just not happy about. I think I prefer Earth Inferno (recorded at the same gig as Visionary Heads). The magic is a little more alive when I can’t actually /see/ them. That is, after all, how it was at the time. That said, as an introduction to the best ever live goth band this DVD is unbeatable. Just try and fill your eyes with dry ice and marijuana smoke and your head with snakebite and black when you’re watching it…

Oh, oh, oh. While we’re gothing out for a moment. Look at this: A Merciful Release. Finally, finally, finally the original mix of First and Last and Always on CD, as well as Blood Money, Long Train and Emma on CD for the first time as well. Now that, ladies and gentleman, is worth �15.99. The question on everyone’s lips (as this is a Warner release) is… Has Monsieur Eldritch finally sorted it out with Warner, or is this against his wishes? The official web site hasn’t said anything since last year’s tour, but the evidence suggests he has.