Big freeloading ligger that I am I went to the Webby’s night at the ICA on Wednesday. Free Vodka. Free beer. Free hangover as well. Particularly nice to bump in to some really interesting people there, some that I knew and some I didn’t. Particularly weird was to be dragged off to a table by Rob Manuel of b3ta who insisted that he knew me. Lovely man, but I have a feeling he mistook me for Mick Hucknall or something.

That said, it had a few problems. Firstly, it was very dark and very loud. We all decamped to the bar to get away from the noise and the DJ followed us out and wired himself up to the speakers in the bar too. Being chased by hard acid techno is like /so/ last century. Secondly, there were a set of talks. The first on were the people from Shooting People (old friends of Doug‘s, so I won’t be too nasty) who were a) pissed out of their minds, b) painfully self congratulatory, c) hideously long winded and d) not that interesting. They kind of blew it for everyone after them, which was a shame – I’d been dying to hear Regine from We Make Money Not Art for ages. Some people seem to have taken particular offense.

Still – all said and done it was a great night. Much props to Nik of Poke for sorting it out. Just keep Cath and Jess under control next time.