Like an ex-smoker or a born again Christian I’ve started to get quite boring about Javascript. Having complained bitterly when forced to use it and actively avoided it wherever possible I had an epiphany about a month back, and am now convinced that the world’s problems are all solvable with the power of MochiKit. To be fair, my first real use of Javascript was as the embedded language within the Netscape LiveWire application server that came with Enterprise Server, so you can understand why I started out hating it. Things have moved on, and libraries like MochiKit have made some ludicrous things possible.

That said, one of the limitations of MochiKit are the animations. There is a lot to be said that that’s probably a good thing, but with things like floating around MochiKit really needed some good and well documented animation stuff. MochiKit.Visual is on its way there, but MochiKit.Animator is another step further again. That fisheye demo is a thing to behold!