Big business (or the lcck thereof)

Many times over the last year I have been thankful that I’ve left the world of big business. Every now and again I get reminded exactly why. See, for example, this mail forwarded to me from a friend:

I just had an unusually weird conversation with xxxxxx. He called me over to tell me OneBox had to be renamed. “But I was under the impression OneBox was a dead project”, I said, adding that it had already been through a couple of renames. “Yes, I know, but it still needs to be renamed.” “Huh……” I said. Apparently this came from xxxxx xxxxxx, who saw it in a listing of projects. So xxxxxx asked me if I had any better name for it. I thought for a moment, and said “well, no, not really.” Then I asked: “What about DeadBox?” “No, that won’t do. How about this: what’s the name of your cat?” he asked. Don’t have a cat or a dog, so instead I suggested my son’s name, Aidan. He might have misspelled it, and based on my suggestion he probably capitalized it to make it seem like an acronym. So if anyone asks you about a project called ADAN or ADIN, you’ll know what they’re talking about.