Nokia tries to make us make the most of the phone… again…

This is interesting from two angles… Firstly, Nokia are paying ‘experts’ to make recommendations for their new music service, and secondly they are still pushing to get us to start using the phone for anything other than making calls. The phone manufacturers and the telcos clearly need to differentiate themselves (hence Telco 2.0 and it’s ilk). The Sony W800 and Nokia N91 would love to be iPod killers. Is a recommendations service the way into that market?

As an aside, who would have thought that paying experts in their field for their opinion would be a good idea?

Instructions for everything on Google

It’s a serious problem that Google (and the other search engines) find every document on the web, whether it was intended to be public or not. There’s been a few reports recently about the use of manuals found online for nefarious purposes. The latest is this doozy – hacker uses online maual to reprogram an ATM to deliver $20 bills instead of fives… Sweet. I particularly like the fact it took 9 days for anyone to own up to the fact that they were getting 4 times the money.