User story #1

As a music fan I will receive background information about the music I am currently listening to

I am seriously excited. Usually the projects I work on for large corporates don’t really have the capacity to fire the public imagination. It’s not that they’re not interesting projects, but (say) building a project management portal for a large retailer or building a corporate website for a property development company just isn’t going to get anyone other than me, the customer and my bank manager excited.

This current project is completely different. We are working on an R&D project, looking to develop a new consumer service. It’s exciting for a whole load of reasons:

  • We started with a single paragraph description of the project. Nothing more
  • We’re using the Agile development process in its purest form
  • We’re using Twisted in anger (something we have known is the right solution but to a problem that no-one has asked us to solve before now)
  • It scratches a very personal itch
  • We’re doing it in the open, warts and all (not an original idea, I know, but we think it’s worth us doing it too)

The project blog is here. The first cut of the application will go up (very) soon. Join us – either participate or just watch; it should be an interesting journey.