Serendipity is a wonderful thing

Sometimes things just happen in the right order…

As mentioned previously we are working on a new service called Sleevenotez. One of our main concerns is that, like all prospective web applications, we don’t have an awful lot of budget for hardware. People will only invest in the hardware once they know the service is going to be worthwhile, yet we may never achieve critical mass if the system is underpowered (and thereby slow) from the start.

Doug and I have been muttering for a while about the fact that one of Google or Amazon should provide application hosting. With Amazon S3, Google Code and the like it seemed to us natural that one of them should make a grab for the app hosting market – it’s the obvious next step.

Anyway – our work on Sleevenotez makes heavy use of the Amazon API. Yesterday Amazon announced E2 (Elastic Compute Cloud Service) – their application hosting environment. They only invited a relatively small number of developers to trial it and because this last week we’ve been hammering their API we were one of those lucky few. Suddenly our server infrastructure/public alpha problem may well go away. Read about how Doug’s getting on with putting an Ubuntu image running Twisted up on E2 over at the Sleevenotez blog