Mazda to recall nearly all RX8s

While I sold mine for entirely family reasons (you try getting a pram in the boot or a child seat in the back of one of those things… you can, but it gets seriously annoying in no time) I wasn’t entirely sad to see it go for other reasons either. The petrol consumption was ludicrous (some tanks I got 9 miles to the gallon, the best I ever got was a trip to the lake district in heavy traffic where i was forced to average about 50 miles an hour and I got 17 mpg) and I’ve never had to put so much oil into a vehicle since my two stroke moped. Still, hearing that nearly all RX8s need to be recalled to possibly have their engine replaced makes you wonder about that engine all the more. That fuel and oil consumption just wasn’t up to it in a car of that type. Doesn’t make me love my Focus any more though 🙁