A long time ago (and I mean a really long time ago… Like 12 years or something) the Internet didn’t exist and we got all our MUD time via dial up BBSs. Amazingly some of them are still running. Not only that the author manages to access them via Vonage (VoIP).

Engelbert Humperdinck

I am tasked with the MusicBrainz database bit of Sleevenotez. One of the things I’m just doing is handling bands with the same name (of which, according to MusicBrainz there are 3,407 non-unique names – the most common of which is Eden, with 12 bands of that name). Anyway, while scanning the list by eye for real problems I discovered there are 2 Engelbert Humperdincks. Really. The one you would expect, and a composer from the late 19th Century. Of all the names in my non-unique list that was not one I expected.