English cricket news = curate’s egg (yet again)

Some good news from the England camp…

Jones dropped for Read

I should explain that I’m not against Jones per se, but the way that Read was axed so cruelly for his “inability to get runs” should have left Jones much more open to scrutiny than he has been. If we’re going to play a wicket keeper who isn’t scoring runs we should really be playing our best wicket keeper, rather than a second rate keeper who only wins his place on his batting ability. On top of that Read’s form in the county game has been exemplary so far this season.

In the same way that Stewart and Russell used to fight for a place so should it be between Jones and Read. If Jones has form with the bat I won’t argue against his place, but if he’s failing to score as consistently as he has for the last 10 matches he shouldn’t play.

Things aren’t so hot on the Monty Panesar front though. While we (the fans) get all excited about what honestly looks like the first genuine English spinner for years it falls to Duncan “miserable arse” Fletcher to spoil the fun… “he’s an outstanding bowler and doing a job for us because there’s no-one else at the moment who can fulfill that role.

I mean really. After the pre-match comments from Strauss I commented on last Thursday it’s hard to see how the ‘unfavoured’ players can remotely begin to feel part of the team. It’s seriously likely that we’ll be without Vaughan, Flintoff, Giles and Jones for the foreseeable future (in fact it looks likely that we may be without Vaughan, Giles and Jones permanently). What are we supposed to do? We need to get a new team together, under a new captain with some real cohesion. Fletcher doing down one of the only two newcomers who look like they will be able to cement their place seems divisive and pointless.

He should be making Monty welcome, simple as that. Tresco, Strauss, Cook, KP, Colly, Bell, Read, Lewis, Hoggy, Harmison and Monty is a side that can win matches if they get themselves together. What they need is support from those around them.