It was always likely, but to have one pull out and the other injured before they’ve even arrived in the country is the worst possible outcome. Gloucs overseas players are a right mess as Shane Bond pulls out and Hamish Marhsall is injured. That said, Marshall against SA has been fantastic, and it’s unlikely the injury will be long term. And it might mean we get Harv back for longer than we expected.

Reviewing The Situation / Folsom Prison

A very quick one this time. Since going self employed my music consumption has gone through the roof. I’m working on my own most of the time and that means I can listen to whatever the hell I like as loud as I like. It also means that my taste is getting more catholic, and my curiousity often gets the better of me.

Two albums I could never have imagined owning a year ago are Sandie Shaw’s Reviewing The Situation and Johnny Cash’s At Folsom Prison. The first sounds hideously kitsch while the second is, well, country…

Both are true, but ‘Reviewing the Situation’ is a masterpiece of English psychedelic pop (her version of Led Zep’s Your Time Is Gonna Come is worth the price of the album alone) while ‘At Folsom Prison’ is one of the most powerful live albums I’ve ever heard and makes you realise exactly how close to the edge Johnny Cash really was, country or not. If you fancy a wander into the unexpected both are worth a try…

How soundtracks skew last.fm recommendations

First thoughts on using the Audioscrobbler web services…. Two artists that have popped up in my playlist today have skewed data which rather surprised me (one very skewed, one only slightly)…

Similar artists for The Who include Bowie, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Yes and Elton John. For a couple of moments I sort of stared blankly until I remembered the Almost Famous soundtrack, upon which they all appear….

Worse still for Isaac Hayes though. Clearly some people listen to The Who who don’t own the Almost Famous soundtrack. Apparently almost no-one listens to Isaac Hayes except for the owners of the Kill Bill Vol 1 soundtrack.