Alistair Cockburn

It’s a real shame that this guy makes such a fuss about his name at the beginning of what is actually quite a well written article. Silly boy. Anyway. If you can get over the desire to shout “COCK BURN” at the top of your voice give this a read.

Of particular interest (at least to me) is the concept of the Declaration Milestone. A statement of the obvious, yes, but not one I’d heard so neatly encapsulated before or seen any formal rigour around.

That and the statements about incomplete communication and game theory makes this an article worth reading just to remember exactly how hard software development really can be to get right.

Software Development as a Cooperative Game

Canada’s (only?) renaissance man

He really does get everywhere, doesn’t he? Douglas Coupland turns landscape artist to follow up his writing and installations.

This impressive and unique public asset will be the focal point of the
western portion of Concord CityPlace located west of Spadina Avenue, south of
Front Street, on eight acres of malleable land that Coupland likes to refer to
as a giant sandbox full of topographic opportunity.