Oh shit

All US Passports to be RFID chipped

Sweeping new State Department regulations issued on Tuesday say passports issued after that [October 2006] will have tiny RFID chips that can transmit personal information including the name, nationality, sex, date of birth, place of birth and digitised photograph of the passport holder. Eventually, the government contemplates adding additional digitised data such as “fingerprints or iris scans”.

Apparently it’s all the fault of the UK, as well…

Critical Mass

Things never cease to amaze me… Latest piece of bizarre police/state behaviour that comes into that category has to be the Metropolitan Police’s decision to take on the London Critical Mass monthly ride. Critical Mass has been going on unscathed for over 11 years – now, using new Right of Assembly legislation, the Met has decided that it’s a protest and participants are at risk of arrest.

We don’t block traffic – we are traffic

I’m slow to pick these things up…

…Given that I now live 200 miles from The Shed, but… Change the name to Gloucester Lions? Are they mad? I was brought up a Cherry and White supporter, screaming for Glaws from the touchline at Kingsholm – Cherry and White may not sound imposing, but that pack doesn’t need a fancy name… Doesn’t matter if the opposition call themselves Tigers or Sharks or any other nonsense, they’re still going to get rolled.