Trend Whore

I’ve been wearing a LiveWrong bracelet for a while, in a vain bid to counter the gym-bunny herdishness of most wearers of Lance Armstrong’s LiveStrong bracelets. Since I first put it on the fashion for rubber bracelets has proliferated so much that you feel you almost have to ask each person what the hell their particular colour means. No longer a statement about anything, other than – like carrying a copy of Big Issue under your arm – you want people to know that you’ve done the decent thing at least once. Cynical? Me? Perhaps I should be wearing one of these instead?


Thing is, this appears not to be a joke… And if nothing else it gets legitimate links to a poker site from the blog world… Anyway – regardless – we’ve had adverts on cars, foreheads and cleavages; now it’s time for bumvertising.