Hoy hoy!

Sometimes really fascinating things turn up in your mail. Thanks to Doug for sending me this one… The etymology of “hello”

Dr. Bell himself wanted telephone calls to start with “Hoy, hoy!” Depending on whom you believe, Bell’s preferred salutation was derived either from a Gaelic greeting (Bell was born in Scotland) or from the nautical term “Ahoy.” (Fans of the TV show “The Simpsons” may have noticed that the character Mr. Burns, an old man whose vocabulary includes many obsolete words, always answers the telephone by saying “Ahoy-hoy.”)

Patron Saints

It is sometimes said that Richard Brautigan is the patron saint of the blog. On that basis I wonder is Douglas Adams the patron saint of the wiki?

Wet cats

Wondering (as I have been for some time) about why exactly PHP sucks quite so badly when you really try to get into something I was intrigued to come across this piece by Rasmus (one of PHP’s creators):

PHP is not about purity in CS principles or architecture, it is about solving the ugly web problem with an admittedly ugly, but extremely functional and convenient solution. If you are looking for purity you are in the wrong boat. Get out now before you get hit by a wet cat!

Don’t get me wrong. I love PHP for exactly the reasons he outlines in that piece, but I sure do hate it for those self same reasons as well.