Well scary

‘Tis the season to be jolly and all that. ‘Tis not the season (in my humble opinion) to let some unemployed lard arse have free run of my home in the middle of the night. As a child Santa scared the crap out of me – it would appear that I’m not alone.
Thanks again to MeFi

Ah yes…

And so it begins again. And with our winter tour it appears that we have found a rare talent in Andrew Strauss – getting centuries on debut in England and abroad (only the second Englishman and sixth ever cricketer to have done this). This newly refreshed batting line up that features Mark Butcher as it’s weakest link (who ain’t that weak) allied with a truly devastating seam attack means that we actually are able to continue our run of form. It really will make this forthcoming Ashes tour something to watch with interest rather than dread.

Order by the foot

You’ll have noticed I’m a fan of things magazine (whose printed edition is equally worth investigating). It’s a constant source of interest, both thought provoking and daft. Definitely falling into the ‘daft’ category is something from yesterday’s posts… Book Decor:

Filling a bookcase couldn’t be easier… Measure how many linear feet you need to fill, and then order by the foot from Book Decor.