Things Snowball by Rich Hall

On the cover Rich Hall sits on a formal armchair with an eagle at his shoulder, a bulldog at his feet and the mountains of Montana in the background. And that’s the book in a nutshell. It’s like Bill Bryson if he’d grown up in the company of both Woody Allen and Charlie Higson and then decided to get really really drunk.

I don’t often go for books by stand up comedians, but there’s something about Rich Hall that I’ve always liked and that I thought would translate better to the page than many. And I was right. This is a book containing nearly 50 pieces, each averaging about 4 pages and each superbly inventive, brilliantly observed and hilariously funny. Some of them are pieces of raw observation (like the comparison of UK drinking laws and US gun laws) while others are glorious shaggy dog stories (Great Gags Wasted and The Mile High Club).

I’ve been reading this one piece at a time over the last couple of months and it’s caused me to laugh out loud most nights. If you’re looking for something light, easily digestible and frankly piss funny this is well worth the cash.