Spam up 50% – now 60% of all email

I knew it was bad, but I didn’t know it was that bad. Personally wherever possible I’m spam filtered to the eyeballs and the only spam I see is frequently actually quite entertaining. Having said that following the trends in the article it looks like spam could be 80% of all mail by the end of this year.

An interesting subplot to this is the effect that spam filters are having on ‘legitimate’ marketeers. There’s an awful lot of noise about this on UKNM at the moment, and there’s a piece of research suggesting that spam filters could cost legitimate marketers $419 million in 2008. Hmm. A long time ago Steve Bowbrick (ex of suggested that we would end up ‘whitelisting’ email rather than blacklisting it. At the time I thought he was right. I still think he is.