Hutton a whitewash, Dyke gone – what next?

As always Manic has his finger on the pulse…

So – what happened here exactly? We all knew that we’d gone to war on a lie and then suddenly the BBC thought that it had found proof. So it went with it, and when Alistair Campbell et al came out all guns blazing the BBC, high on knowing they were right, stood up tall and fought back. And then David Kelly committed suicide. And then Hutton was a whitewash. And suddenly all the media can focus on is the mistakes made by the BBC.

Fundamentally though… We still went to war on a lie, we’re still embroiled in Iraq where more coalition troops have died since the “end” of the war than during it and the Government still cannot be trusted. This has the whiff of a Prime Minister with too much power. To me it smells all too similar to Thatcher and the Miners or Thatcher and the Students. For God’s sake don’t let them break the BBC.